Welcome back everyone! Our motto for the year is 'Be the best you can be', and our value for this term is 'Love'.

Wantage CE Primary School

Excellence for All

"Life in abundance" John 10:10

Who's Who


Mr A. Browne


Deputy Headteacher:

Mrs E. Boehm


Senior Leaders:

Mrs S. Read

Mrs Z. Pike

Mr S. Tomlinson


Chair of Governors:

Mrs S. Hunter


Teaching Staff:

Year 6

Mrs A. Drysdale

Miss S. Craine

Mrs S. Read

Mrs Z. Pike


Year 5

Mrs N. Jones

Miss K. Handford

Mrs E. White


Year 4

Mrs D. Good

Mrs T. Lindley

Mrs V. Hope


Year 3

Miss V. Lochead

Mrs A. Whitehouse


Year 2

Mrs S. Morris-Hornby

Miss K. Varney


Year 1

Miss S. Day

Mr J. Geden

Mr W. Bayer


FS 1

Mrs S. Ord

Miss P. Sishton


FS 2

Mrs C. Godfrey


Teaching Assistants:

Mr J. Ballard

Mrs L. Baker

Mrs S. Barber

Ms S. Bolton

Mrs E. Brew

Mrs W. Brookes

Ms. K. Cantwell

Mrs A. Challinton

Mrs K. Chalmers

Mrs H. Forsyth

Mrs S. Gniadek-Pitt

Miss R. Jackson

Mrs A. Lister-Cheese

Mrs K. Marsh

Mrs L. Marsh

Mrs C. Palmer

Mrs J. Philp

Mrs J. Roberts

Mrs E. Tavener

Mrs L. Tomlin

Mrs H. Weeds

Mrs S. Westbury

Mrs C. Young


Pastoral Team:

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E. Boehm



Mr S. Tomlinson



Mrs C. Geden


Home-School Link Worker

Mrs L. Herbert


Attendance Officer

Mrs C. Tobin



Office Team:

Business Manager

Mrs L. Jackson


Office Staff

Mrs D. Cooper

Mrs S. Penrose


IT Technician: 

Mrs C. Mann



Mr K. Roots-Smith




We also are supported by a number of volunteers who assist us with listening to reading, providing support on school trips and other tasks around the school and help the school provide the highest standard of care and education to our pupils.