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Wantage CE Primary School

Learning for Life

"Life in abundance" John 10:10

Week 2 - 30th March

Foundation Stage week 2 English / The World

Session 1

Log on to Espresso, or read Elmer if you have it at home.

There are 4 different Elmer stories on Espresso – Click on Foundation, Communication & Language – Elmer – videos.

Listen to the classic Elmer story. Discuss how Elmer must have felt being different. Now you could try some of the lovely Elmer activities on Espresso.


Session 2

Watch/listen to the other versions of Elmer on Espresso. Which story did you like best? Draw a picture of Elmer. Can you make him really colourful?


Session 3

Watch/listen to your favourite Elmer story. Design your own elephant with a different pattern. You could collage/paint/colour. Be as creative as you want. What is your elephant’s name? Can you write a sentence about him/her?



Would you rather be the Rainbow fish or Elmer? Please give your reasons. Parents it would be lovely if you could upload the children’s responses.


The World

Log in to Espresso – Elmer as above. Click on books. Read/listen to the book about real elephants.

Can you write a fact about an elephant? Can you go the extra mile – make an information booklet about elephants?

Have a lovely week. Don’t forget to ask an adult to help you go on the internet. Thank you parents - keep uploading examples of what your child is doing on Tapestry.