Have a wonderful summer holiday everyone! Thank you so much for your cards and presents. See you in September.

Wantage CE Primary School

Learning for Life

"Life in abundance" John 10:10

Week 1 - 23rd March

Monday 23rd March

Good Morning Year 5, we hope that you are well.

Welcome to the first day of home learning. This is all very new to us as well so thank you for your patience while we all get used to this new way of teaching and learning.

We have uploaded today’s work on the website. In future, we will attempt to add more than one day at a time so that you can access it when you need to.

It is important to keep healthy and continue to exercise as always. Joe Wick’s is doing a daily PE lesson at 9.00am (You Tube channel: The Body Coach TV). All the Year 5 teachers and Teaching Assistants are going to be in their trainers taking part and it would great if you could all do the same.

Please see the summary of suggested learning for today as guidance. Miss Handford has produced an ‘activity bingo’ in case you are stuck for something to do. You might have some brilliant suggestions for activities which we would love to hear about. Please email us with any ideas and we will share them with everyone else.

Please keep in contact with us! We really want to hear from you about everything that you are up to. Again, you can do that through email.  We will send you the answers to the maths sheets so you can mark your own work but please let us know if you need help with a question – if you need help, someone else will too. You can send us photos of any work or documents via email. You do not need to print anything; please view on screen.

Just a reminder, please take care when sending emails. Do NOT reply all. Please only reply to the Year 5 email address. That way your personal email address will be protected.

Take care for now,

The Year 5 Team



End of school Monday 23rd March

Dear Year 5,

We hope that you have enjoyed your first day of home learning and have established some routines within your household. Please keep emailing us with anything that you have been up to – we have really enjoyed hearing from some of you.

Once again, the Year 5 Teachers and Teaching Assistants will be tuning in to the Joe Wick’s Body Coach channel in the morning. It was nice to know that some of you were doing the same.

Happy Birthday to those of you who had a slightly alternative birthday weekend!

We will email you again in the morning.

Do stay in touch.

Best wishes,

The Year 5 Team

Work for Tuesday 24 March. 

Don't forget the PE lesson on Body Coach TV. 

Learning for Wednesday 25th March

Keep going with the daily PE lesson at 9.00am. Your teachers will be doing it too!

Please remember there is no need to print off worksheets.

Learning for Thursday 26th March

Keep going with the PE Lessons!

Try not to print. You should be able to do the learning on paper!