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"Life in abundance" John 10:10



so far i have been caving and body boarding body  boarding is the the most fun so far for me caving we did today i got scared of the small spaces  still fun tho


The body-boarding is very fun and is not very difficult


so far i have done climbing caving and tommorow i am going to do body boarding. today i did climbing and i was scared but i pushed through my fear and kept going { i am very glad i did it in the end}.  I have liked these amazing challanges and i cant wait to go body boarding tommorow.


so far i have done climbing, caving and tomorrow we are going body  boarding. Caving -which we did yesterday- was so so good! we had to fit in really small places.


today im boddy bording and yeserday i went climbing iv had so much fun and im Engoing the fresh air out side


Olivia B:

i am having lots of fun at kilverough so far! iam so excited to go caving and body boarding  is so much fun!  some of us had body boards go over us and on us its quite fun though and climbing i havnt been yet but im sure it will be so much fun!


body boarding was very fun to do and  after a while your neck rubs. you get to go on the waves and go to the sand. also whens theres little waves you get to go over the waves and down,and there was huge waves to go over

Jack M:

my first activity was so fun, although I am claustrophobic i pushed through my fears and carried on. The water was right up to my chest in the cave going through amazing challenges and today we have got climbing.