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"Life in abundance" John 10:10


Isabel C

We are all having a great time I went climbing it was great fun.  I climbed up a cliff and absailed down.


I am having a great time here and I really enjoyed Caving. However, when we went through a part of the cave called the letterbox it was very small. Luckily, we all manged to go through it. I did all the challenges we were given and even though I came out soaking I had a lot of fun. I am so excited for the other activites.

Gracie B

in the caves we did lots of challenges and one of them was called the washing machine which you had to walk through while the water is pushing you i think some of us enjoyed it but some didnt


I am really enjoying staying at Kilvrough. Caving was really fun and we had to go through really small spaces. I am excited for climbing today! The garden is massive and the evening activities are good.

Isabel H

I really enjoyed caving yesterday! My favourite part was when we came out of the cave into the light. There also was a part called the toilet where you had to slide down a hole onto a ledge and find your way through a tunnel full of water.

Jack Bowler

kilvrough  is amazing I went body bording today and it was amazing. I think I got a rash round my legs but I don't regret a thing.

Imogen L

Hi! hope you are okay.  I loved doing caving , I did all of the challenges! climbing was okay, I was nervous at the start, however I tried it! I got up to the ledge but I was scared absailing and our  leader ( Rod ) helped me down ! I miss you mother ehheheheheh!


I am loving Kilvrough so far!! We have been caving ( which I was absoloutly petrified for! ) and we did climbing today. climbing was okay and I NEARLY got to the top but I was about to fall but I am still proud of myself, tehe.  I cannot wait for more upcoming events and I miss you family :) 

Oh yeah also team b ( what team I'm in ) had very good teamwork! :)

Group A scrambling and climbing

Group B - Climbing