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"Life in abundance" John 10:10



I am having lots of fun so far in Kilvrough I can't wait to go climbing!!!
Yesterday we had so much fun body bording trying to find the best wave to catch.Some of us caught a wave back all the way back to the beach!Some of us were nervous but after seeing someone else do it the nervous soon disappeared! It is really fun doing it with are friends and sharing rooms with people you know. I am really happy to be here! I WANT IT TO NEVER END!!!!



I am having lots of fun

how are you and thomas. so far i have done climbing and my instructor pushed me to do my best , so on the hardest cliff i got to the top and paraglided all the way down so now i know you are probably waried i am fine love you lots liam      xoxo

Lily S:

I am having lots of fun so far on this trip I cant wait to go caving!! 
Today we did rock climbing and i got to the top of the rock and abseiled was quite scary but really good.
Mrs Jones and Mrs Brew were SO scared to rock climb and only got half way up! Mrs Brew got quite a bit further than Mrs Jones but they both challenged themselves to go higher than they thought they could go. I have really nice people and friends  in my room i have Macy ,Cate, Lucy, Maddie {Madison} and i am REALLY happy with it and they are very nice if someone gets upset or hurts themselves! I cant wait for the challenges yet to come and i dont want the adventures to end!!


this trip is going fabulous its very fun and I can't wait for all the actives yet to come on the last few days teamwork freindship  today we did caving which  everyone is scared of this being the tight spaces but sometimes you just have to go for it and you will just want to do it again  it has really challenged many people and memories will be created here and every day there is something to do and fear to over come and a fun thing to come back to and rooms are very happy and we cant wait for the up coming days ahead which will be a adventure in its self!!