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Learning for Life

"Life in abundance" John 10:10


Poppy L:

Killvrough has been so fun so far, I have enjoyed all the activities and I've loved my friends on this holiday. My favourite activity has been body boarding because I love the sea and being with my bestfriends in the ocean. Caving, climbing and absailing were also so fun. It was amazing and I've had such an amazing adventure at Killvrough.


My favourite activity was body boarding because I could go very fast if I timed it right. I also liked it because the sea was nice and cold and refreshing. I liked the rock climbing second best because even though I scratched my fingers I liked abseiling down and climbing is one of my hobbies. I still liked caving but I got very wet and it was quite uncomfortable but I still enjoyed exploring.

Lily E:

Year 6 has been a really tough time getting through but i loved it in year 6 its been so quick though i do not want to leave!The best thing aout year 6 is going on loads of trip like Kilvrough and Oxford castle its been really enjoyable in year 6 some bits have been quit tricky like sats and everything but i got through it and thats all that matters! The teachers are really nice and the food is really tasty! Dont be scared to face your fears here just try!


so far body boarding has been the best, eventhough i have done all the activites body boarding is so fun. I hated caving most people loved it but it was the worst to me. i was very scared to go rock climbing but when i actually did it, it was enjoyable. once, we had gone rock climbing, we got to go into the sea i kept on falling, but once i had got used to the water i enjoyed myself doing a little wave dance that our leaders taught us it was so fun. it was my first time going body boaring i loved it tho eventhough i got pushed underwater and my board wacked me on the head i laughed it off tho and enjoyed the rest of my time.