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Life in Year 6

Jackson and Franklin have written this piece for our website explaining what Year 5 have to look forward to in Year 6...

Life In Year 6

Being the oldest year group in the school, a great example has to be led to ensure that the rest of the school behaves. We love having the responsibility to take care of the younger children and make school the best version of itself. In our opinion, Year 6 is by far the best year in school.

At the start of the year, you can look forward to a fabulous residential for a whole week. In this, you will go on awesome adrenaline rushing adventures such as: caving, climbing and canoeing. One thing that is guaranteed, is that the instructors and teachers will take good care of you.

In Year 6, there are special roles you can assume such as: a reading ambassador, a Pupil Parliament leader, a member of the sports council, etcetera. These positions are extra opportunities for you to show leadership in school. An exclusive award available is the platinum citizenship award, which we are working extremely hard towards. Earning it will grant you a trip to one of the school’s sponsors (such as William’s F1) to receive your reward.

In Term 5, we do SATs in which we do tests for the whole week, ending on Thursday. One of the distinct perks are the SATs breakfasts in which we arrive before school to eat breakfast with the whole of Year 6 to ensure we can concentrate during our tests.

At the end of the year, we have a special party to celebrate our move to Secondary School and our completion of Primary School. Part of this is that we get to rehearse and perform a play. On the last day, we will go around the school asking the other students to sign our shirts to commemorate the life we're leaving behind.

By Jackson and Franklin from Year 6


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