We are overjoyed to welcome everyone back to school, It is wonderful to see you all.

Wantage CE Primary School

Learning for Life

"Life in abundance" John 10:10

Easter Activity Suggestions

🐣Egg box counting-find an empty egg box and number each space (6 or 12). Can children find that number of objects to put in each numbered space. Eg. three daisies from the garden to put in number 3.


🐣Make yellow playdough and make into egg shapes. Decorate with loose parts eg beads etc.


🐣Stick and leaf art - can you make an Easter bunny or chick.


🐣Plant a seed and watch it grow.


🐣Make a den.


🐣Read your favourite book.


🐣Easter Reading Challenge.


🐣 Do something that makes you happy!


🍃 The Sussex wildlife trust have some brilliant activities based around our local wildlife at home.


🧩 Boromi have a free Daily Play service where, if you sign up, they will send you daily activities and games that can be done using household objects 😃