Welcome back to the Summer Term

Wantage CE Primary School

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Butler Club - Before and After School Care

Welcome to our breakfast and after school clubs. We have been providing breakfast and after school clubs for children at Wantage CE Primary School for many years and we have a team of caring and experienced staff ready to look after your child. In the morning, we provide a healthy breakfast for children and a range of activities which will help them to prepare for their school day. After school, we create a home-from-home environment where children receive a warm welcome and the opportunity to rest and play after a busy day. There will always be a home-cooked meal and a range of indoor and outdoor activities for your child to enjoy.


The wrap around care will be based in the Goodenough room and entry will be via the KS2 playground door.  The children will have access to a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors.


The session fees are currently £5.70 for Breakfast Club and After School Club is £11.40 per session.  The Breakfast Club will continue to open at 7.30 am and breakfast will be available until 8.00 am.  The After School Club will provide tea about 4.00 pm and run until 6.00 pm.  You will not be able to drop children off at school by car as we do not have space, but you will be able to drive into the carpark to pick up by car after 5.15 pm.  Please note, there will be a charge if you are late picking up your child (£3.00 per 10 minute period after 6pm, eg 6.01-6.10pm - £3.00/6.11-6.20pm - £6.00).


Nursery, Foundation, Year 1 and 2 children will be dropped off and picked up from their classrooms. KS2 children will be able to make their own way down to the Goodenough Room at the end of the school day.


Children will be able to access other clubs run on the school site and come to the After School Club afterwards. There will not be a discount for this as your child will still be taking up a place in the club.