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Butler Club - Before and After School Care

Welcome to our breakfast and afterschool club for children at Wantage CE Primary School.

Our team offer a wide range of experience with the majority working within the school providing continuity in care, knowledge of your child, trust and strong relationships. We aim to provide a happy, safe, welcoming and friendly environment for all children before and after school. We understand that for some children this is a long day, so we are flexible in our approach to nurturing those individual needs. 


Every member of the team is First Aid trained, DBS checked, staff preparing food hold a Food Hygiene certificate and we always have a DSL on site to ensure safeguarding and the welfare of your child is paramount.


The breakfast & afterschool club is based in the Goodenough Room which has been specifically set up to give the children a space that isn’t a formal classroom, but a space where they can relax and enjoy. We do expect the children to abide by the school rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe and will follow the behaviour policy which they are accustomed to during their school day. Children will also be able to earn the learning powers they display whilst in these sessions.


Breakfast Club is from 7.15am to 8.30am and includes a healthy selection of cereals, toast, yogurts and fruit. Breakfast is only served until 8am so if your child arrives after this time, please inform a member of staff if your child requires breakfast.


Afterschool Club is from 3pm until 6pm and includes a healthy high tea please be aware that this is only a snack and isn’t a full meal. Menus are available on the door each week.  High tea is served from 4pm.


During mealtimes, we encourage children to have a home-from-home attitude, such as using their table manners, be respectful of their peers – waiting for everyone to finish before getting down from the table and helping with clearing away after each meal. This encourages positive attitudes and respect for themselves, their peers and others within the environment.  We cater for all dietary requirements and needs, please speak to a member of staff about these.


Due to the increased number of children attending Butler Club, planning is done a term ahead, so we have the correct staffing/child ratios for each session, we need to ensure we have staff in place to support your child in advance.  From September, we will not be offering a refund for missed or cancelled sessions, we tried to be flexible during Covid, but all sessions are booked in on Parent Pay for the term.  Please note that fees are payable on Parent Pay in advance of your sessions. 

Please see our terms and conditions. 


Since the Butler Club started there has been no increase in our club fees, but due to an increase in staff and food prices, there will be an increase from September 2022.  See below for further information. 


New charges from September 2022

Breakfast Club from 7.15am-8.30am to include a healthy breakfast £7.00


Afterschool Club from 3pm-6pm to include a high-tea, activities and support if required for homework £15.00.


Please note, there will be a charge if you are late picking up your child. From 6.01 you will be charged £5 every 10 minutes until collection. 


When the end of term finishes at 12.15pm the afterschool club will only operate to 3pm and children will require a full packed lunch.


Important - Please email the office if you would like to change or cancel any of your sessions from September and I will amend this on Parent Pay.


Additional Afterschool Activities

We are happy for your child to attend the wonderful afterschool activities (sports club/art club), however, you will be charged for the full afterschool club session and will need to inform the team of this extra curriculum activity. There will be no discount for these sessions as your child will still be taking up a space.  


Nursery children are dropped off by a familiar member of staff from the nursery. We do request that your child is fully toilet trained to attend the breakfast or afterschool club. Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 will be collected from their classrooms. KS2 children will make their own way to the Goodenough Room at the end of the day. 



Please note that we cannot facilitate parking at the beginning of the school day after 7.45am due to staff requiring the space to prepare for their school day. Car parking can be accessed at the end of the day from 5.15pm. During the restrictive times please park in the Beacon Car Park or Memorial Park. Please speak to the school office if you require special consideration. 


Best wishes


Mr A Browne