Have a wonderful summer holiday everyone! Thank you so much for your cards and presents. See you in September.

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2020 Virtual Sports Events - week beginning 29th June

During the summer term the children would normally take part in sports day. This year this is not possible in school however we would like to invite all the children to take part in our Virtual Sports Week.


During the week beginning 29th June 2020 we will be asking the children to participate in up to ten challenges which will score points for their class. To be able score points the children will have to take a short video or a picture of themselves taking part in the challenges. The video will need be emailed to the class email address, please send all pictures and videos in one email and put the following information in the subject: Virtual Sports Day - Child’s Name and Class.


The challenges can all be completed at home with every day things, it is time to be inventive.


The ten challenges are as follows: (click on the titles to see Miss Varney demonstrate)


Sock and spoon challenge: I can move across my garden with dropping my socks? Can I move around obstacles?

Scarf Skipping: I can skip across my garden? What else could I use to skip with?

Object racket bounce: I can bounce an object on a racket. How many times can I do this? What object can I use if I don’t have a racket?

Star Jump Challenge: How many star jumps can you do?

Welly boot throw: How far can you throw a welly boot – find somewhere safe to throw it!

Obstacle course: can you build an obstacle race for your family?

Standing long jump: How many jumps does it take to get to the end of your garden?

Hurdle challenge: I can run and jump over an object? Can I run and jump between more than one object?

Sock Putt: How far can I Sock Putt my socks? Can I sock putt my socks onto a target?

Book Balance: How long can I balance with a book on my head? Can I balance on one leg? Can I balance more than one book?


Each class will be competing against each other during the week. Points will be awarded for each challenge completed. Additional points will be given for being inventive with the challenges and for encouraging family members you live with to take part, we will need a picture!


Photos and Results will be able to be seen on our sports pages (click here).